EP 01: Coronavirus, Crystallography, and Design with Dr. Emily Candela

In this episode, Ethan and Kevin speak to Dr. Emily Candela (Royal College of Art) about the history of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2020 image of the coronavirus and how this visualization became an icon of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2022-05-31 · Kevin Hong, Ethan Perets

EP 02: An Interactive Map of the Early Universe with Dr. Sigurd Næss (with video)

In this episode, Ethan and Kevin speak to Dr. Sigurd Næss (University of Oslo) about how contemporary cosmologists study and understand the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) – the radiation that holds the keys to understanding the origins and fate of our universe.

2022-08-15 · Kevin Hong, Ethan Perets

EP 03: Francis Galton’s Composite Photography with Dr. Josh Ellenbogen

In this episode, Ethan and Kevin speak with Dr. Josh Ellenbogen (University of Pittsburgh) about the Victorian polymath Francis Galton’s (1822–1911) invention of composite photography, whereby multiple individual portraits are combined into a final image.

2022-11-08 · Kevin Hong, Ethan Perets