Kevin Hong

Kevin Hong studies modern and contemporary art with a focus on the history of photography. His dissertation research focuses on cameraless photography in the mid-twentieth-century United States. Other research interests include the overlapping discourses of art and science in the history of photography; the history of the still life genre; and the long history of iconoclasm. He is also committed to public-facing projects, which include the development of an anti-racist pedagogical toolkit for the teaching of art history and a podcast on the history of data visualization. Kevin has worked at the Whitney Museum of American Art and Artforum. He received an A. B. in History of Art and Architecture from Harvard College in 2015 and a M.Phil in Criticism and Culture from the University of Cambridge in 2016, where he was a Herchel Smith Fellow.

Ethan Perets

Ethan is a biophysical chemist developing all-optical methods for discovery of fundamental biological phenomena across molecular, mesoscopic, cellular, and systems-wide scales. During his PhD, Ethan used sum frequency generation spectroscopy and discovered that proteins organize water molecules into chiral structures, revealing new perspectives on why life needs water and how water helped life to begin.